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Countdown to Doomsday News/Business. (2012) Bill Hemmer hosts this exploration into the theory that the end of the world will take place on December 21st, 2012.




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  FOX News    Fox News Reporting    Countdown to Doomsday  News/Business.  (2012) Bill Hemmer  
   hosts this exploration into the theory that the end of the...  

    November 23, 2012
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♪ >> bill: that is this edition of the factor thanks very much for watching us. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here, we are definitely looking out for ten, nine, eight. >> this is the end of the cycle. >> it's the magnetic poles will reverse. >> it's a wildcard. astroids are a wildcard, sometimes they can sneak up on you. >> it's big bussa. >> you just saw our own count down. summer solstice, june 21st leading up to the date the mayan
calendar says doomsday. i'm bill hemmer and welcome to our special presentation. the fact that the mayan calendar will held december 21 but don't believe the hype. we're certain the world will not end that day. doomsday has been predicted by religions and cultures countless time.on this program we investie our fascination with doomsday. why today has been pinned on the maya. adam housley explores and lauren green investigates the good and evil and second coming of christ is imminent. amy kellogg what they share with the neolithic builders of stonehenge. but first, we travel to southern
mexico and jewel of the mayan period. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> most of maya books, there were thousands of them that contacted were burned by spanish fires mostly because they were sasacrilegious. there are four or five fragments that exist. they covered history and mathematics. >> for the last several decades, intense focus has been put on the mysterious mayan culture that flourished between the second through ninth century. some say they were prophets of doom. >> this was salvaged by accident almost.... >> archaeologist explains the
importance of this broken tablet. >> this was salvaged? >> there was work by the mexican government by archaeologists. when they left some of the locals started digging around and found this monument. >> so from a small site? >> a small site that was mostly destroyed by a cement factory. almost all of the architecture has been ground up into gravel or cement. the main body of the textbook. >> it's only recently been able to be deciphered. only the last few years. >> yes. this is where all the controversy. you can see it's v fairly heavily damaged. famous end phrase, the end of the 13 boxes that will terminate in december 21st, 2012. >> reporter: according to the remaining piece of the tablet,
something significant is going to happen. >> this is significant fighting a change over. >> the flavor of the event is miss forgot text. >> it's led to over 3,000 books that many claim to explain the true ending of the maya calendar. >> over 200 million hits on google. when i started this ten years ago, i would get 10,000 which was a lot. that is magic word. >> reporter: she professor of astronomy at colgate university and author of the book "the end of time." >> in the 1920's it was the egyptians. maya are center stage and we are going through that. >> reporter: they had fantastic legends and some were complete hoaxes like tales of crystal
skulls. >> it was an animated universe of plants and rocks and stars whom they engaged in a dialogue. >> reporter: they practiced strange sacrifices to thank their god. >> they would pierce themselves. the kings through their penises and queens through their tongues then they would collect those bloody pieces of rope and burn them. >> they were expert mathematicians. here is the polenca, there has been all sorts of rituals, even human sacrifices. >> odd rituals, strange numbers, were these symbols of a message that the maya left for us to decode a future apocalypse. >> speaking of that mystery when
you have any kind of mystery or any kind of uncertainty it can bring people out of woodwork so to speak. we have seen that with the mayans. >> its natural thing all through history. the change of the last 1,000 ad a lot of people thought it was the end. >> end of the world predictions include a collision with planet "x" or the earth passing through the milky way galaxy the disruption of solar flares, even the reversal of the north and south poles. all of them could have a devastating impact on our planet. >> for example today, if we could see the sun, really interesting effects would occur at temple of inscriptions and ray of light we call it naked
eye astronomy. you can do an amazing with four sticks and a some strings. you need a flat surface where the planets and moon and sun sets. so when the sunrise is going to be right there again. >> pretty impressive for people that didn't have any instruments? >> they didn't have any tools to keep record of the stars. it was direct observation. >> reporter: a mexican archaeologist has worked on many sites of the mayan ruins? >> only the noble people related with the power were the people that kept the record of this. >> they were able to see look ahead. what they looked ahead to and found was significant in what we call the 21 of december, 2012.
>> she author of the book, fingerprints of the gods. >> with the calendar it is possible to tell exactly what the phase of the moon will be on a particular day 2,000 years from now or 2,000 years before now. >> reporter: they had a variety of calendars that ran in cycle of the sun, the moon and visible planets. >> why was the solstice important? >> it was very important because they kept a record. they can now know that the rainy season is going to begin and for the construction of the building they only use great amount of labor of many tools, just hammer and chisel. >> there are sweat baths there. there is an observatory. it was a private space. for all indications was a living
space for the king. the temple was a great king that ruled for 69 years is buried deep beneath in a very elaborate tomb. >> this is final resting place of the beloved mayan king who reigned here under 70 years. under his rule, architecture and astronomy flourished. >> the way they interact in light and shadows is turning out to be a rich field of study. >> there seems to have been an ancient idea to bring down the perfection of the heavens to earth and somehow ui niet them. >> reporter: among in the world there are others. stonehenge in england and great pyramids and the temples in cambodia. >> what you find in all these
sites is align structures to the rising of the sun at one or another or several of tse moments. story telling in ancient times often involved reference to the heavens. >> reporter: there are even more discoveries hidden in the mayan culture, language, season and temples we have yet to see. adam housley uncovers mysteries about the maya and why the obsession with the december 21 obsession with the december 21 date. there's still time for big savings at bass pro shops' 5 day sale, like... and this weekend, don't miss free giveaways,
hourly prize drawings and more.
>> dana: more mysterys are waiting to be discovered. >> we have architectural excellence. but very complex. they like to go way back into the past and talk about the actions of the gods. >> i think we are looking at very different cultures than ours and doing things very
different ways and under its prime objective a connection between earth and heaven which is done through the medium of architecture and v very precise astronomical observations. the mayan calendar is itself a stunning technological device. it actually has more accurate estimate of the length of the solar year than we used to in modern western civilization. >> reporter: it's amazing when you thing about it. you have light, magicians with the seasons and gee tri-. >> and unlike a lot of cultures in the middle east and europe we less time to study the mayan. they were discovered later. only recently relatively in the mid '70s started to read their
language. >> the end of the mayan calendar as calculated by the great astronomers will end on winter solstice in 2012. >> the granddaddy of all maya calculations, all maya cycles, the 51 25-year cycle known as the long wheel overturn. >> the last creation cycle begin on 3114 b.c. and come to an end 1221. it clicks one day at time. >> there is a difference between your automobile and it's odomoter. that is when the your automobile going over your car is one step
closer to the junk yard. if you look at a wide sampling of these messages on the internet you'll find we're here eer in december 21, 2012, we have a big blow up. the blow up is the end of the world. as far as the bliss out, it's really based on the second coming of christ. i think that american religion plays a prominent role in this anticipation. >> even the famous explorer christopher columbus his discovery of the new world was necessary to fulfill an ancient professor i si. >> when columbus came to the new world, one of his major purposes was to make this place ready for the city of zion or the coming of jesus. >> people are by nature psychologically story tellers.
we all understand what it is to have a beginning and middle and end to a story. >> dr. keith ablo is a fox news contributeder. >> the doomsday scenario is at odds to my mind with religion because in fact it is it relieves people of needing to take the journey toward self. >> it embraces a range of end of time beliefs clearly suggesting that an event will occur on december 21, 2012. how did this phenomenon get started. >> the idea of the doomsday has been around for at least 30, 40 years and it builds as the date approaches. blame it on internet. people used to gather under a big tent and preacher would tell us jesus coming to earth. >> the end attracts our attention.
we wanted to try to forecast what is going to happen, forecasting is a big part of the hum condition. >> the maya were a thoughtful civilization but why did they abandon their great cities and appear to vanish from the face of the earth. >> from some mysterious reason, maya civilization collapsed a little more than a thousand years ago. >> you can't give the people they need to live so they abandon the big cities and go to the countryside. >> one of the reasons why they are abandoned so easily once it 'it was too much to keep the cities to maintain them. it was easy for the maya to pack up and leave. they were self-sufficient anyway.
>> we look far away for the answers. maybe the aliens will help us. the ancient maya will help us. >> so deep inside the jungle we find a mystery of the maya. we go to lauren green in israel. >> solstice celebrations are few and far between but if you are christian looking for doomsday. this is the site of armageddon and the battle between good and evil. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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sun dial that sits outside the basilica brought over from egypt in 30 ad. nearly every religion, islam, buddhism, hinduism they have the fascination with the apocalypse. christians prophesize about the end of time and the holy scripture. lauren green reports. ♪ 6. >> reporter: christians mark the end of time in the final chapter of the new testament the book of revelation. chapter 11 verse 18 reads, now is the time to destroy those who destroy the earth. >> book is not about destruction. it's not about the wrath of god. it is about consequences. >> reporter: mark translated the book from the original greek text. he collaborated with hollywood writer to publish a graphic novel to help readers visualize
the final chapter. >> we are trying to get people to see the book of revelation in a new way, not just read it but see it. all we're trying to do is present it in the full message of hope in god and hope for the fure. how likely john would have been concerned about the end times? >> if he was the last 12 disciples of jesus, she church that is expecting the lord to come back but he hasn't yet. there is a yearning in the community and suffering. the apostle john received a revelation from god that he wrote down. that revelation was disseminated >> reporter: john's revelation was received through angels while held captive by the romans for preaching the gospels.
jews were also at odds with their rulers. >> it was so unlivable on this earth with conquerors and economic. everything was going wrong. >> a biblical scholar that studies ancient writings. >> what do they turn to this thought because they can't find meaning there. the human can't exist with some kind of hope. >> just over 60 years ago the dedicated sea scrolls were discovered. earliest copies of bible were discovered called the essenes. >> they were copied here. earliest copies are here. >> ten commandments were among the documents. >> for people living here believe they were living in the end time. >> the professor also a dead sea school are show where they were discovered. >> the world here ended in doom
because you had an invincible army. roman army. >> the romans destroyed the temple, more than a million jews were killed. >> they are trying to give meaning to their suffering and the book of revelation can do that for every generation. >> reporter: we visited the site where john's revelations sets the stage. >> most people don't realize that armageddon is a real place. >> he has been excavating here since 1994. >> i think think it's the most blood soaked area on earth. >> why would john place the doomsday battle here. >> by the time john was living, there had been 12 or 13 battles fought there. he would have known about those.
>> reporter: many people think armageddon is the site of the final battle. >> that is not the final battle. it's supposed to be fought at jerusalem a thousand years later. there are some people that it happened and we're in that period of the thousand years between armageddon and the final battle. you get all kinds of religious disputes. >> i believe god gave us the book of revelation as a warning. >> evangelical broadcaster sees signs in matthew. >> it's unprecedented the amount of famine and wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes that the earth has had collectively. we are living in the end times. revelations 20 about the battle of god is referring to russia, that the great bear will attack
israel but also have other allies. iran will be one of those. bible describes there is going to be so much bloodshed that the blood will rise as high as the horses bridle. many people believe there is a rapture, that jesus will appear in the clouds that christians from all over the world will be taken up into the heavens. then there will be seven year period. at the end of the seven years, the battle of armageddon and jesus will come back and he will stand upon the mounted of olives. after that, thousand year reign of christ. >> reporter: we'll be there to capture the second coming. >> any time people can go on our website and when the end comes. day star will be there. >> some people say it's going to happen on this date and this is
how it is going to happen. >> and prediction who will win the battle of good and evil? >> i do believe good is going to win. not because i'm hopeful but history has shown this. >> bill: nobody knows how the end will come while doomsday believers have made an industry out of scaring people with predictions. some claim hard science is behind their calculations. behind their calculations. you will be surprised with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back
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now back to "fox news report". now back to countdown to doomsday. >> bill: december 21, 2012 is the winter solstice what some people call doomsday. six months before it was the summer solstice and thousands of yoga lovers were celebrating in new york city's time square. it was literally a far stretch from doomsdayers. >> there is nothing to suggest that gigantic floods and earthquakes will destroy our world. >> there are prophesy that has say the world is going to end. >> i think what we're dealing
with is denial of our own deaths. >> this obscure relic monument 6 is the focus of the mayan countdown to doomsday. worn and this strange thing translated the end date and suggestion that something will happen. there is no evidence the maya were counting down to doomsday. >> it's not borne out by what we know about the maya. they looked at cycles that went beyond the 2012 date. >> we were involved the past summer some amazing inscriptions from guatemala which show computations of numbers longer than the cycle. there is a number that projects into the future a thousand years from today. >> such recent discoveries have not halted speculation about the end of the maya calendar. >> i think stories like this get started because you see that the
ancient scripts are ambiguous. there is wiggle room. somebody says, hey, i can make money filling this in. >> in all 500 monuments are really about history. what we can read that cycles overturn and endless and old cycle starts a new cycle and we all try harder. >> i have one word for those people that are concerned about doomsday. relax. >> he says the disaster scenarios are often based on scientific fact. >> when people first here about pole reversal -- oh, my god the poles are going flip just like this. >> but not all the facts. >> no we're not talking about geologic pole shift. we're talking about a wandering of the magnetic north pole. it takes thousands of years for that wandering to take place.
>> some say the government is hiding the truth. >> i love the secrets that are involved here. >> government never tells us about because its conspiracy theory. >> but december 21 is special, the end of the maya calendar, there will be a rare event one that could have been predicted by the astronomers. >> if you look at map of the sky jupiter is here, there is a lineup. >> but this does not mean doom? >> the sun and moon are the primary forces that raise tides on the earth. what the next highest tide raising force turns out to be the planet venus. you know how much it produces, one 500th of an inch. >> what they are taking
seriously people vulnerable. >> bill: 38 members of the heaven's gate cult thought a ufo would be rescued. they went into suicide. thoughts of doomsday may be comforting but not really. >> it's much easier to sthi something is going to end the planet but what are the roots of my fears. there is no asteroid coming but what are ends of time? cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes, car accidents. we hang by threads. the bottom line the denial of death fuels a lot of myth. take. >> bill: not predicting gloom he
sides that a change for our civilization? >> i see in the mayan calendar somehow i don't know how they did it, but they seem to have connected and plugged in to cycles in the human story. mayan calendar is not saying the end of the world. it is saying the end of chapter of the human story. we can see the birth of a new consciousness taking place all around the world today. >> bill: that we know the maya never had a countdown to doomsday. they still believe there is a countdown to the end of the world as we know it. coming up an inside look at a group of people that are seriously worried about surviving catastrophic events. we counted down to doomsday by counting different celebrations of the summer solstice like here at stonehenge. we were there. ♪
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>>. >> bill: our team has covered the countdown to doomsday in mexico, in israel and here in new york. but one of oldest structures they have found outside of london, england, to the rising sun in the english countryside. solstice celebration of stonehenge which is most revealing to all of us. amy kellogg uncovers that mystery. >> the times change but the sky remains the same. neolithic people lived on earth approximately 5,500 to 2,500 b.c. that is thousands of years before maya came on the scene but these early farmers held sacred rituals to honor the sun
the same day. longest day of the year. ♪ >> reporter: fast forward to present day stonehenge. summer solstice, 2012. >> this the longest day we will come and play. >> these modern day druids look like they are preparing for the end of the world? >> we believe that really the mayans ought to start a new calendar. we don't believe that it's the end of the world as far as druids and pagans are concerned. >> stonehenge seems to be a ceremonial spot from the original function but because of the mystery surrounding it it's alignment with the sun on the days of the winter and summer solstice it's an enduring
gathering point. >> stone hedge brings many people. >> head of stonehenge for english heritage explains. >> some people say it's astronomical calendar, others say it signifies changes in the season. >> nobody knows for certainty how or why it was built. >> the problem with cultures, neolithic cultures they didn't leave us any written records. >> it's a pre-hioriculultures that means before writing. you have to interpret it. >> reporter: what we do know that stonehenge is aligned with several bodies, it attracts biggest crowds today. it's magic endures. >> what happens at sunrise and the alignment?
>> what people try and do is to observe the sun rising over the hills all waited down to the stone circle. >> the picture we get from excavations that have been made and studying the tools and learning about the farming methods is that these people were rather sophisticated. >> archaeologists believe stonehenge was built in stages around 3,000 b.c. >> they are not just placed on top. the engineering qualities that is quite remarkable. >> the picture of the people that we used to have the shambling like cave people is
totally wrong. the brain was same size as it is today. >> stonehenge is not unique. it's part of a pattern of structures throughout europe and u.k. and all over the world. >> those who built magnificent architecture, be the pyramids and in southeast asia or the maya temples or stonehenge, we want to make a statement. it's usually the ruler that makes that statement. >> is it coincidence that all of them are aligned with the sun and other sles yal bodies? >> i think people look for they look for truth of the sky. it's more accurate than the weather. when it is aligned with the sunset. farmers know it's time to harvest the crop. >> it was all in ancient
societies. that is what stonehenge is. >> reporter: it's like others around the world mark the planting season, the builders had other reasons. >> they can harvest the crop any way. >> we need to reve are ve our connection with the universe. they saw the sun as a good. >> this is certainly a religious sanctuary. there is no question about it. the sun was revered. i would have seen to it that alignment was precise, i could stand at the center and point to it. do you see our god rising? >> our god who gave rise to me. >> that is similar to the mayan king on the summer solstice. >> they are communicating through us on mortals through the sun. >> stonehenge is more mysterious
than other places and coming up you will see people building bunkers and stockpiling food. find out if they know something find out if they know something that we don't.
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>>. >> bill: remember the cuban missile crisis, 9/11, katrina, those were events that felt like the world were coming. there are people that are worried about other kinds of doomsdays and they plan on surviving. >> it looks like in has been another series of attacks, cyber attacks on united states banks. >> bill: recent cyber attacks could have doomsday style
consequences. that has our government concerned. >> attackers could also seek to disable or degrade critical military systems and communication networks. collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> we have an insane regime in iran run by people who are psychotic who may get the nuclear weaponry to act on their insane thoughts. that means we could have a nuclear holocaust. >> what we depict on our show they have a variety they are concerned about. everything from tsunami to a nuclear blast. >> a koe executive producer of doomsday preppers. >> there are three touch stones.
first touch stone is 9/11. second touch stone is destruction of american cities which is katrina. third touch stone is the financial collapse. >> most households have enough supplies for a few days, some are moving to remote locations, stockpiling food and medicine and anticipating a catastrophic event. >> you are the opposite of the mayan calendar people who have no investment in reality. >> the preppers on our show are being thought of as a worldwide level. you see banks is one of them. >> believing that radio active fallout from japan will contaminate the food chain there is food bank that can grow
radiation food. >> they may look at supplies and say, are you kidding me? but if something happens, i win this game. people that aren't prepared, they lose this game. >> on a much larger scale, to withstand an earthquake the global seed fault, about 800 miles from the north pole stores about 750,000 different crop varieties. >> i think the thinking and logic of the food bank is valid. why not have an insurance policy just in case. however, the bad side it could take off. people could think, why are they doing this. they are doing this because they know something we don't know. perhaps there is a doomsday coming. >> bill: but the doomsday concept is not entirely new. in the late 1950s our code word for a fallout shelter built in
virginia for the entire u.s. congress. >> we have prepers who are very wealthy and are preparing for the end of the world. >> he has been preping for a nuclear war with russia for the last 35 years. he is concerned that his bunker may not be deep enough in the ground. >> to ensure his safety, big al has purchased a salvage fuel tank and gamma ray shelter. >> y-2k was for many preppers a turning point. >> just before the celebration in 2000 there was concern about our technology crashing. >> the fiasco had a silver lining to it because of the fact that so many people were concerned about the switching of the calendar and fact it could
be computer glitches meant that programers wereassigned to gather out all the possible glitches. >> david is a disabled truck driver. >> i'm preparing for an electromagnetic pulse that will disable the transportation system of the united states. >> of all there is one incident they have to be careful about. that is gigantic a solar storm when the sun has a temper tantrum. it would be somebody incidentally flipped the switch on the world. this is live right now. the last few days. it's putting out a lot of flares but we're getting a lot of electrical interference. if one of those pops out at earth that is when things go back zblad in 1859 a solar flare hit united states and europe. it caused almost worldwide
failure of the telegraph system. if it were to happen today it would literally throw us back hundred years into the past before the coming of the space age and electricity and internet, but it's not doomsday. even another event will not destroy life on earth, but it could send us back hundred years. >> bill: some of you may continue to prepare for survival. there will not be a doomsday december 21. so we hope you have a great first day of the rest of your lives on december 22. 12-22-2012. ♪ (announcer) when subaru owners look in the mirror, they see more than themselves. so we celebrate our year-end with the "share the love" event. get a great deal on a new subaru
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